Toon Blast

I recommend a game called Toon Blast. It is available for iOS and Android. 😎😎


4 thoughts on “Toon Blast

  1. Game was fun until the last three upgrades. First they took away the map so you could not go back and redo levels, then they took away the 5 coins you got for giving team mates help and replaced it with one, with the new update you can only have 10 lives in your stock pile instead of the 20 you use to be able to have stored up. Of course they never actually tell you this in the updates you don’t find out until you download the new update. If you send mail to support 9 times out of 10 you don’t receive a response back and if you do it’s a generic email that they send to everyone. Have had multiple players on my team mail and have got same email word for word and it always says their updates are for the better of the game. Yes it is a free game to download but their goal is to cater to those who spend only. I did spend before the last three updates but I refuse to spend now because the game developers are greedy with no support and don’t actually care about customers. I would not recommend this game even though I play it still.

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    1. I don’t play the game anymore. I just don’t have time. And I am quite busy with maintaining And sorry for the late reply, the WordPress app on my phone didn’t alert me to your comment.


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